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El Salvador

The smallest country in Central America, El Salvador is big on natural wonders. The word is out among more intrepid travellers that this is the region’s up-and-coming destination. Newcomers are bowled over by the stunning landscape, with smoking volcanoes, surf-pounded beaches, pristine cloud forests and crystalline lagoons. And those in the know are drawn back time and again by its warm-hearted and dynamic people.

This tiny tropical land, about the size of Wales or Massachusetts, is packed with highlights. Magnificent, crowd-free national parks include Cerro Verde, Montecristo and the irresistibly named El Imposible. You can shoot the rapids on whitewater rafts, or take a lazy boat ride across volcanic crater lakes Ilopango and Coatepeque. Surfers flock to the world-class Pacific breakers at Sonsonate, El Zonte and La Unión, only a short drive from the capital. The archaeological remains at Tazumal mark the furthest outpost of the Maya empire; the Ruta de Las Flores features colourful, flower-filled villages, with volcanic hot springs and indigenous craft markets; and Morazán province offers tours of civil war trenches led by former guerrillas turned guides.

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Kosher Food

Sinagoge Beit Israel has establish a small kosher makolet and you can find kosher chicken and other products from USA and Israel. 

We also offer Shabbat and weekday catering. Our menu is made up of traditional Salvadoran food, fruit of El Salvador, and Coffee. 

Jewish Prayer Services

Sinagoge Beit Israel offers Tefillah (Jewish prayers services) on weekday and on Shabbat. A Minyan is always available especially if you are going to be traveling and require a Minyan. 

Sinagoge Beit Israel is an Sephardic orthodox Sinagoge. Our traditions of Tefillah is a mixture of Spanish and Morocco style and lead by our Rabbi. 

For more information about catering, shabbat times and Tefillah contact us (click Here) 

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