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The Jewish Community of San Salvador

Our Salvadoran Community

kosher Pupusa?

Purpusa are the national dish of El Salvador. Beit Israel is the only place where you can enjoy Kosher Pupusas. The most exotic fruits of El Salvador are Anonas, Jocotes, Nances, Mamones, Marañones, Guayabas, Zapotes, Paternas, mameys, and Pepetos.

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Shabbat in San Salvador

Our synagogue is in the heart of North of Colonia Escalon San Salvador. Everything you need is within walking proximity. There are hotels and Airbnb available within walking distance of the shul.

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Prayer & Daily Services

We have weekday and Shabbat Tefillah services with a Minyan. All Jewish Chagim and High Holidays the Shul is open with a Minyan. Our members speak English and Spanish. Contact us for Shabbat times.

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Synagogue Beit Israel

Am Yisrael Chai

Jews have been present in El Salvador since the early 19th century, starting with Spaniard Sephardic Jews and continuing with the arrival of World War II Ashkenazi refugee